Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Very First Rambles.

So, first post? I might as well write about what the mind is 'rambling' about right now.

Current scenario : Mass Communication exam tomorrow and I haven't done shit.
BUT right now, the mind is pretty content. I'm pretty content. Happy. Not the 'I'm-so-happy-imma-shout-out-from-the-rooftops-happy'. The subtler kind. Just content. 
There have been thoughts, fears, assumptions, broken promises, lies, memories plaguing my mind since the past many weeks. It's tough, reaaaaal tough at that, to get over friendships gone kaput. Especially when it was the one you really cared about anyway. But when people change beyond recognition, what point? You know it's best to just let go, but you keep fighting. Because at times, it's easier to keep fighting than giving up. But THAT moment when you DO give up, surrender to fate, is going to be the turning point in life. You can just feel it. Things seem so much brighter, and they do to me now. Other than that teeny-weeny pinch when a random memory flashes, there is happiness.

There is no extraordinary source of happiness in my life right now, but then, nothing going wrong too. And again, isn't happiness making the best of what you have? I have a lovely, supportive family, supportive friends, people to call when I need help, people to call when I need to talk at 3 in the night, and people to just randomly call. Everyone's pretty happy, healthy and glowing *touchwood*. Pretty much an ideal life, no? Well yeah, I have one thing to accomplish now - Score and change my college next year, for the one I'm in now sucks. Major time. But I have lovely, supportive friends here too, so I guess I'll live through this year.

Review whatever is written : Overuse of 'lovely,supportive". Good thing, methinks. Makes me realize the ample 'lovely support' I have. :P
AND my goal, 'Change college next year? Score well?' Should be starting off on doing that by listening to my purple faced mother and getting my ass off the computer chair to actually study. :|
But nothing today is wiping the silly smile I have on my face. For the 'mind' feels much lighter. I have no idea how long this smile is going to last, but it's staying for now. For tonight. :)