Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Rock.

This blog is for a rock. My rock. The rock who has been there just all the time, been there for me to lean on when things got tough. It's amazing how you connect to someone so easily, someone who is so different from you, yet so similar. Cliched? Yes. But so true. That person just helps you sail through the bad times. And it's after the bad times you realize how important that person is. That person is him. Let's keep the name undisclosed, and just call him 'A'.

11th October, 2010.

Me and 'A' walking towards the station. Me walking with an extra bounce in my step. Good day today. 'A' looks amused with me as usual, as has been since so many days.

Me : Why is Winnie The Pooh a 'pooh'? Is 'pooh' supposed to mean a bear? Isn't Winnie a yellow, honey-eating bear? Why the hell is he named Winnie? *giggle*
A : Whaaat? Where did you think of that from suddenly? And I know why the Winnie makes you laugh, you bum!
Me : Saw a Winnie The Pooh bag hanging outside a shop. WINNIE! *giggles again*
A : *with THAT look in the eyes* WHERE were you all this time? You are random and actually crack jokes! And you smile too! I love you, man!
Me : I know where this is going. I SO know. :\
A : *again that look* You're happy now. Everything's so perfect. Then why NOT?
Me : *Looking at the indicator* AND we have a Churchgate FAST in 2 mins! Am I lucky or what?
A : Whatta ass! You are evil.

Yes. I guess I'm evil. And very, very selfish. But honestly, some people are too precious to let go of. Because promises don't always last, and forever is in reality, very very short. Though you may think differently, sometimes defining a relationship is maybe the worst thing you can do. And the most beautiful relationships are one's which aren't obligations. Relationships where you love and care for each other because you want to, not because you are compelled to do just that. Where you have no expectations from somebody. It makes small little things that someone does for us sweeter.
So, I'd rather enjoy the attention while it lasts, bask in the love, the patronizing. I know I'm selfish yes, but you know you love me just like that! ;)

P.S. - Didn't someone say, "Love is friendship set on fire"? True. To me. For NOW. Thought MAY change, yes. :P :)
P.P.S. - This blog won't make much sense to everyone. It's just blogging on an impulse, which will probably make 'A' grin, curse me and say 'Whatta ass'! :P